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Our pool of 14 m X 7,50 m

The debonderment pool and its treatment with ozone

Prices : L’accès de la piscine est gratuit

Wassertemperatur: Am 17.06.2019 liegt die Wassertemperatur bei 27° und ohne die Notwendigkeit einer Blasenabdeckung am Abend.

We have already designed and built this swimming pool for quite a few years. Our land allows such implantation. The idea of ​​overflowing and on two sides of the pool, came from holidays spent prior to this creation. And ozone treatment came from discovering the type of treatment at a boating trade show in Paris. With the activity of the guest rooms many of our visitors appreciate the ozone treatment, dimensions for swimming or games. Not to mention the bottom of the pool which is downhill, as at the sea. Thanks to the overflow as we have designed it, you will hear during operation a sound of water, recalling the sound of a stream : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5qG7-dATLY&feature=youtu.be

Book your room as soon as possible in order to enjoy the pleasures of a bath in a translucent eus with a truly top-notch treatment
We look forward to seeing you.